Hey guys! Adeir here!

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Hey guys! Adeir here!

Post by Adeir on Wed Mar 01, 2017 9:39 pm

Hey guys!

I'm Adeir or Andy. Whichever you prefer. I don't mind.

I am 24 years old - work as an IT helpdesk technician, casually. Really enjoy it.
I have been playing CS:GO for about a year now. Love it, it's like an addiction. Keep coming back to it even though I rage quit haha.

I made this forum due to wanting to find teams and/or people to play with. I want to rank up as much as I can!
I was a Gold Nova 3 - but when I quit I lost my rank - so now I'm back in the Silver Elite ranks. Rolling Eyes

It's a damn pain in the ass to get out of haha.

Send me a pm if you want to play!


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